Round-Rock, Texas Secure Document Shredding ServicesSitting to the Northeast of the bustling metropolis known as Dallas, the pleasantly charming city of Garland, Texas still has plenty to offer its visitors and natives alike.

Boasting nearly 3,000 acres of open parkland for the outdoorsy types, the city of Garland is also home to the Garland Landmark Museum, which houses countless historical artifacts and priceless documents extending as far back even as the 1850s.

Although the last thing someone wants shredded is an invaluable historical document from the museum, there certainly still is a need for modern businesses and homeowners in Garland today to protect their sensitive information—which is where Shred Nations Garland comes in.

With a rapidly growing world of digital technology, not only is it important to protect your paper files, but your electronic media as well. Luckily for Texans however, Shred Nations specializes in connecting you with the top shredding service providers in the area, striving to offer competitive prices  and service schedules that meet the shredding needs of each and every one of our customers.  

Shredding Services Provided by Shred Nations Garland

Mobile Shredding Services in Garland, Texas

Using mobile shredding services from Shred Nations Garland, you’ll never have to leave your home or business to get your documents shredded again. One of our secure mobile shred trucks instead comes to your Texas location, shredding your documents onsite while you watch from the curbside.

Shred Nations Garland Offsite Shredding Services

Similar to the mobile shredding services available at Shred Nations Garland, our offsite shredding offers the convenience of coming to you before transporting them to be shredded at a secure offsite facility, but for a more affordable price than mobile shredding.

Electronic Media Destruction Services for Garland

If you’re thinking about potentially retiring any old electronics you may have sitting around the home or office, think again before you do. Absolute destruction of electronic media like CDs, flash drives, and hard drives is the only way to truly guarantee your sensitive documents can never be recovered by data and identity thieves.

Relevant Texas Shredding Laws and Regulations

Texas Business Duty to Protect Personal Information (Sec. 521.052) – According to this Texas Information Protection Law, in the event of a breach of computerized data, the affected business must inform all impacted parties as soon as possible.

Texas Information Disposal Act (House Bill 698) – This amendment to the Texas Business and Commerce Code states that any business documents or personal records that contain identifying information must be shredded or destroyed by the business  before they can legally can be legally disposed of.

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Shred Nations Garland provides secure shredding services ranging from a one-time shredding purge all the way up to scheduled weekly shredding. No matter your location in the Garland area, we can connect you with the top Texas shredding providers in your area within minutes of receiving your request.

Just give us a call at (972) 441-4395, or simply fill out the form to right to request free shredding quotes on any of our services. We can answer any additional questions you may have about our shredding process, and will quickly work to get your shredding project scheduled and completed as soon as possible.

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