Drop off shredding services provide a convenient shredding solution for small volume destruction needs. They allow you to visit a local shredding provider and immediately drop off your paperwork for destruction at a relatively low price.

Drop Off Shredding Services are fast and convenient

Drop off shredding makes the most sense in these two scenarios:

    1. You want to shred your files immediately, rather than schedule a service in the future
    2. You want an affordable shredding option for a project weighing less than 10 lbs

With drop off shredding, you simply bring your expired private documents to the designated shredding location, drop them off, pay a small fee, and they are safely shredded for you.

Drop off shredding services are primarily used to fulfill residential and small business needs. When you have a small shredding project, this type of service is:

    • Convenient – there are thousands of drop off shredding locations across the nation, and there is no appointment necessary to drop off your paperwork
    • Safe – your papers are locked up until a shred trucks stops by and shreds your files in an industrial strength shredder
    • Cost-Effective – hiring a shred truck to come to you is expensive if you only have a few pounds of paper to shred, but drop off services average around $1 per pound

Why Shred Documents At All?

On the black market the price of personal information is high, and criminals know this. They are ready and willing to do anything to snag a birth date, password, or social security number from paperwork left in your dumpster.

Shred Files with Personal InformatoinShredding your files before trashing them ensures your info won’t be picked out of the garbage and used to hack into your accounts or to steal your identity.

Always Destroy These Types of Documents

    • Bank account and credit card statements
    • Junk mail
    • Tax forms older than 7 years
    • Receipts and purchasing documents
    • Any paperwork that contains private information such as your name, address, phone number, financial information, etc.

This short video about drop off shredding services explains how it works and how to find a verified shredding location near you so you can quickly and easy shred your sensitive files.

Proper document destruction is a growing concern and major cities around the nation are even issuing their own shred events to raise awareness on the situation and protect their citizens.

Shred events can be an excellent alternative to drop off shredding services if one is happening near you. They are often free or accept donations on behalf of a charitable cause.

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