Schedule Shredding to occur on a regular basis.

The correct way to run a shredding program is to manage the documents from creation to destruction. This can be difficult for a business to manage on top of day-to-day tasks. However, in order for a shredding program to be successful, it is important to correctly dispose of unnecessary documents.

The only way to guarantee complete safety and security for document destruction is an organized and well maintained document shredding program.

According to the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper annually. That means 40 sheets each day.

Old files collecting dust that should be shredded or recycled.Your business probably recycles much of its paper—and that’s great. The American Forest & Paper Association reports that more than 65% of paper consumed in the United States was being recycled in 2012.

So what about that remaining 35%? It could be sitting in an empty cubicle, collecting mold in a back room or garage, or maybe it is in a self-storage facility. These do-it-yourself alternatives not only eat up space; they could put your most sensitive information at risk.

The Advantages of a Regularly Scheduled Shredding Program

    • You’ll get certificates of destruction which will document your regular shredding, provide a chain of custody, and help protect you in litigation
    • You will ensure compliance with federal and state regulations regarding document retention
    • You will reduce the risk of identity theft and noncompliance with customer and employee information privacy laws
    • You will create more space for new documents
    • You’ll maintain a stable and organized workplace
    • You will save time for employees who are constantly looking through files and documents

Use the infographic below to compare a one time purge with a regularly scheduled shredding program. Find the system that fits your home or business the best.

Shred Nations Can Help You Find a Local Shredding Provider

Shred Nations provides secure document shredding services through a network of providers’ with locations nationwide. The beauty of Shred Nations is that our members compete for your business. Our partners will provide comprehensive quotes within minutes of your call.

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