How Does Ship N Shred Work?

How are you currently protecting your sensitive information?  Are you making sure that you are consistently destroying your sensitive information?  It is extremely important that you keep yourself protected from identity theft to ensure that your credit and your well being are safe.  One of the best ways to handle your secure documents if you only have a box worth of sensitive materials is to use Ship N Shred.  This service allows you to send in your box of paperwork so that you don’t even have to leave your home.

Open cardboard box isolated on whiteSome people worry about using a service such as Ship N Shred because they don’t actually get to see the documents being destroyed.  When it comes to using this type of service you have to keep in mind that these are specialists.  They take pride in making sure that your information stays secure in order to protect yourself, as well as their ethical standards.  Once everything is destroyed you will receive a certificate of destruction in order to ensure that all of your documents have been properly destroyed.  This is something that you can keep for your records!

The process itself is very simple.  You print out a shipping label online to put on your box of sensitive documents and then you set up a time for your delivery service to come pick up your box.  Once they pick it up and ship it to the Ship N Shred facility everything is destroyed.  You are then sent your certificate of destruction for your records and everything is done!