Why Recycling is Important

Have you ever wondered what exactly recycling does, or why it is as important as everybody makes it seem?  Recycling seems to be this huge issue that nobody quite understands, but some of us follow along with it just because it seems right.  The process of recycling is huge and it really is a big deal in helping our environment, as well as keeping your documents even more secure.

Superhero of Green BusinessOne of the first steps in the recycling process is to place all paperwork into a vat full of chemicals.  What these chemicals do is actually separate all ink from the paperwork itself.  This ultimately erases everything that was on the documents previously.  This is huge in making sure that your paperwork is protected, and it also helps preserve the paper.

Not all paperwork can be recycled into fresh, white printer paper though.  The more paperwork gets recycled and reused, the darker and flimsier it gets.  This means that eventually it will be turned into something like newspaper, or toilet paper.  Fun fact, almost all toilet paper is recycled paperwork!

Paperwork isn’t the only material that can or should be recycled.  Metals, plastics, and many other materials should be recycled.  Why wouldn’t you recycle your used materials if you could?  If you think about it, there are only so many materials on our planet that we can use.  If we are going to go through them as quickly as we are, then we might as well make sure that we reuse as much as we possibly can!