What is E-Waste?

recycle bin filled with old "e-waste" for recycling of out datedHave you ever thought about what happens to everyone’s electronics when they are done with them?  Trashed electronics are e-waste.  As time goes by, and technology improves, our e-waste problem just gets bigger and bigger.  This is due to the fact that people are throwing away their old electronics as opposed to recycling them.  Instead of just trashing something that still works, or could be fixed, you can always donate your old electronics, or actually sell them.  There are plenty of places that will actually pay for broken electronics because they know how to fix them and can resell them.  This is a wonderful way to dispose of any old electronics.

Not only do we want to recycle our e-waste because it helps the environment when we do, but we also want to for people who don’t necessarily want the latest and greatest electronics.  If you are getting rid of your old phone because you want a new one, why not sell your old phone to someone who doesn’t mind using a refurbished phone?  Not only does it give you some extra pocket money, but it helps keep our electronics cycling as opposed to destroying them in order to make new ones!