How Does Ship N Shred Work?

ship-n-shred-steps-v3This day in age there really is no excuse to not have your paperwork shredded.  There are so many different options in place to help make sure that everyone has a way to destroy their sensitive documents.  Whether you need someone to come onsite, or you want to be able to see your work being destroyed, or you just want to drop it off somewhere, there is always a way to make sure that everything you want to protect, is safe for you.  You can even use a service called Ship N Shred, that actually ships your paperwork to a facility to be destroyed!

Instead of having to take your paperwork anywhere, or have to worry about waiting around for someone to come to your location, you can put a sticker on a box full of paperwork, and send it off to be taken care of for you.  You even get a certificate of destruction after everything is properly handled to ensure that your paperwork has thoroughly been destroyed.  This is a wonderful service these days because everyone is so busy.  It makes sure that you don’t have to sit around and worry about your paperwork, or go on someone else’s time.

There are questions about the safety of shipping off your sensitive documents, which are to be expected.  Your box full of paperwork will be shipped in the same way that your other important materials are shipped.  They will also have added security so that you can see where they are at, at all times.  Don’t leave your personal information around for anybody to find, when it is so easy to get it shredded!