Paper Waste

Are you still using paper documents instead of working online?  This day in age there really isn’t a need to use all of the paper documents like there was in the past.  Everything that you can do off of the computer, you can typically do even easier on the computer.  Once you make the transition to going paperless it can actually help save you money as well!  If you looked into how much paper you use on a monthly basis, I bet you would shocked.  Not only does it take more time to have to handle paper documents, but you also have to worry about managing them.  You end up spending a ton of money on purchasing the paper, then you spend your time trying to find all of the documents that are floating around, and then when you are done with the paperwork you have to find a way to dispose of it properly.

Not only is using paper a time sucker, and a money waster, but it isn’t good for our environment.  Paper can only be recycled so many times before it won’t work anymore.  And even at that, we need trees to breathe!  If you haven’t looked into going paperless at this point, I would highly recommend looking into all of the different ways that it could benefit you.  And just so that you can see how bad paper waste really is, here is a way for you to actually visualize how out of hand we have gotten.