Hard Drive Shredding vs Hard Drive Degaussing

Destroyed Hard DriveHave you recently gotten a new computer?  Are you stuck on how to dispose of the old one?  When you get rid of an old computer, you want to always make sure to destroy it properly so that none of your information is accessible.  Everything you have ever done on your computer is accessible through your hard drive.  That means emails you have sent, pictures you have saved, and accounts that you have signed into over the years.  It could be devastating to your privacy to just throw away an old computer and hope that no one would try to access your information.  Although it doesn’t mean that someone will take your information, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

When it comes to hard drive shredding, all of the information that is saved onto your hard drive is destroyed physically.  Your old hard drive will be torn apart completely, piece by piece, insuring that nothing is still accessible.  This process isn’t the safest if you aren’t experienced, so you would want to find a company to help you with your hard drive as to protect yourself.

Hard drive degaussing is a little bit different because this process erases all of your information using a magnetic field.  This is a pretty efficient process in destroying your hard drive, but it does leave a small percentage of information on your hard drive because the magnetic field cannot erase everything completely.

Whether you choose hard drive shredding, or hard drive degaussing, you are taking precautions to help secure your information and that is extremely important.  There is no rush when deciding which is best for you so take your time!