Fuel Surcharge and Mobile Shredding

Every mobile shredding contractor has certain charges in place to make sure that the shredding process is as cost appropriate for them as well as for you.  Mobile shredding is getting bigger and bigger with offices that have a need for bulk shredding.  It is more cost effective, takes less time, and makes the shredding process as easy as possible.  On top of all of that, mobile shredding isn’t Gas Price Humorjust for businesses.  Most contractors will go to people’s homes that have a need for shredding with a higher volume as well.

Most of the time, the price of the shredding job is based off of the weight of the paper.  An easy way to tell how much paper you have is to see how many boxes you have.  One copy paper size box weighs right about thirty pounds when it is full.  Therefore if you have six boxes, you are looking at right around 180 pounds of paper that needs to be shredded.

When it comes to the fuel surcharge specifically, not all contractors have one but their prices may be higher to compensate for that.  The reason for the surcharge is to make sure that the company is still able to make money for going out to the location to shred your paperwork.  With gas prices these days, it can get extremely expensive to drive to the other side of town.

One thing to look into when you first find a contractor that you would like to have shred your documents for you, is to look and see if they do have a fuel surcharge, and if so, what it is.  Typically the surcharge is a percentage of how much your invoice would be.  Every location is different though and just because a location doesn’t have the fuel surcharge doesn’t necessarily mean that they would be cheaper than a location that does.