Shredding Needed in Boise Idaho

Regus Salon recently closed their location at the Boise Towne Square Mall in Boise, Idaho. They dumped everything that they didn’t want into the dumpster behind the mall. The old salon chairs sticking out of the dumpster brought a lot of attention from dumpster divers.

The problem was that one on the things the salon didn’t think was important were their employee records. This included all of the employees and applicants private information from address to social security. Ex-employees went to the site to recover their documents but some were unable to find their files and it is unknown where they are now.

If you are a brand name like Regus Salon you need to take care to protect your brand image. If you have a franchise that is closing then it behooves you to make sure that all the loose ends are tied up correctly. This includes the proper destruction of all documents that contain personal information. A Boise shredding service can quickly and efficiently provide the proper destruction along with a certificate of destruction. The alternative is a story in the news that now only highlights the failure of a store but a failure of the company to care about the employees that lost their jobs.