Watch Your Personal Files Being Destroyed

Way back when the shredding industry was starting there was only one way to do shredding; at a plant. There was a large shredder that would be fed by employees. The documents were picked up at the customers location and then taken to the plant.

mobile shredding truck

Then companies started putting shredders and generators into the back of trucks. That was the start of on site shredding. As time passed the trucks were upgraded and the shredders got much faster. The power now came from the drive train of the truck instead of a generator. To improve the volume carried by the truck the shreds aren’t collected in bags but fill the entire truck. This is done by moving the shredder to the top of the truck and and having the shreds just fall to the bottom. This also required a lift system to take the paper up to the top of the truck. These high speed shredding trucks were a giant leap forward for shredding.

Over the years the trucks have made many advances. The particle size can now be much smaller than the first shredding trucks. There are also more options for the size of trucks. There are some that are big enough to handle tons of paper on one trip. There are also options for smaller trucks that are more fuel efficient on long hauls and mountain roads.

While the idea of a shredding truck is very simple it is the name we use in the industry that seems to trip a lot of people up. This type of shredding is usually called on site shredding. The idea is that the reference point is that of the office.  There are times when the believe (or are led to believe) that on site means at a shredding plant.

I think a much better way to name it is mobile shredding. That describes it perfectly without the confusion of what is on site and what is off site. Many people call in wanting to know the costs for mobile and on site shredding. We will continue to try and educate everyone we talk to about what is on and what is off site and maybe over time mobile shredding will win out and make it clear for everyone.