In House Shredding

I came across an add for a fellows “mobile shredder” this morning. Wow I thought, if fellows making a real shredder now instead of just the toy ones? No, what they call a mobile shredder is just one of their toy shredders with four wheels jammed in the bottom. Our copy machine has four wheels but I doubt you would advertise it as a “mobile copier.”

The best part is the price. For an office model it is only 1,273.99 at $1,273.99! Are you kidding? For that price a service will come out and shred years worth of material. Now add in the $24,000 in labor costs when you shred in-house and fellows should be paying you to take it. As we head into a downturn do you really want a full time shredding person on payroll?

So sit back and enjoy your “mobile office chair” on the beautiful February day.