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Thank you for contacting Shred Nations the faster, smarter, better way to find the right shredder. We’re here to help you ‘Shred Smarter’ by connecting you to the right shredder for your unique shredding need – quickly and easily.

Shredding Provider in Your AreaWe are working to match you with shredders in your area. What happens now?

      • Our knowledgeable Shredding Advisors are identifying the right shredder for the right job.
      • They will scan our powerful database of local shredding providers and personally match your request with a provider servicing your area.
      • A Shredding Advisor will then forward the information to you within seconds.

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What to Ask Your Shredder:

•  Service Time: Do you need off hours or weekend pickups? What is their average scheduling time? If you need service in the next day or two make sure they have availability.

•  Type of Shredding: Is the shredding done at your site (mobile shredding) or theirs (offsite shredding).

•  Type of Shred Bin: If you need recurring service, what type of shredding bin do you need? Ask what type of shredding bins they provide? Are the bins provided free or will you need to lease them?

•  Empty Boxes: If your shredding is in boxes, you need to ask if they can take the boxes with them to be recycled. Or conversely, let you keep them.

•  Recycling: Do they recycle what they shred?

•  History: What is the contractor’s experience with shredding and document management? How long have they been doing business in your area? Ask for references.

•  Pricing: How do they charge for their service? Are there any additional charges you should expect?

•  Additional Services: Do you need a shredder that can also handle hard drives, computers or products?