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Individuals need to shred their personal and confidential information to protect against identity theft and fraud. Drop-off shredding at The UPS Store in Claremont is a secure way to shred. You will pay for the shredding by the pound.

Drop Off Program Details

Shred Nations’ providers can handle any amount of document shredding for your home and business. If you have less than 90 pounds (about 3 copy boxes) worth of paper that needs to be shredded, you can drop it off here. Your files will be stored in a secure, locked shred console inside The UPS Store until a mobile shred truck stops to shred the documents on site.

How drop off shredding services work:

  1. Gather your documents that need shredding
  2. Drop them off at the nearest drop off shredding center in Claremont
  3. Pay by the pound
  4. Your documents are safely stored in a secure, locked shredding bin
  5. When the bin is full, a mobile shred truck stops by to shred the contents of the shred container

This drop off location is the best solution for low volume shredding needs. However, if you have over 90 pounds of paper to shred, consider the shredding service options below.

Other Shredding Service Options*

Mobile Shredding

Paper shredding services with the convenience of shredding at your location. Mobile shredding provides the utmost security option as it allows customers to witness the shredding.

Offsite Shredding

Paper shredding services designed for medium to large projects. Offsite shredding picks up your papers and transports them to a secure, off-site facility to be shred.

Scheduled Shredding

Schedule your shredding for a more consistent service. You can set up a recurring pickup that fits your needs, including bi-weekly, monthly, etc.

Hard Drive Destruction

Personal and business data is found on hard drives, which is why destroying a drive correctly is imperative. Shred Nations can help keep this information safe through secure hard drive destruction services.

*Not all services are available at all locations. Please call to confirm.

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Frequently Asked Drop Off Questions

Do I need to remove staples, paper clips, binder clips, etc?

Usually, staples and paper clips can be left on the documents; however, binder clips need to be removed. These requirements can vary based on location, so we do recommend calling the drop-off center first.

What if I have more than 90 pounds?

Drop-off services are more cost-efficient for smaller shredding projects. If you have more than 90 lbs, we recommend using a mobile or offsite shredding solution.

What if I need to witness the shredding?

If you need or want to witness the shredding, a mobile shredding service is the best option for you. Mobile shredding comes to your location and shreds the documents right there.

Location Phone

(603) 542-1926
Located in The UPS Store

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