What is Purge Shredding?

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Purge shredding is a one-time event where individuals or businesses shred large volumes of documents. Unlike recurring services that are performed regularly (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually), one-time shredding is designed for infrequent but significant document destruction needs.

When Should I Use Purge Shredding Services?

Purge shredding is ideal for situations where you have accumulated dozens of pounds of paper that need to be securely destroyed. It is especially useful when:

use purge shredding when you move
  • End-of-Year or End-of-Quarter Clean Outs: When archived business documents reach the end of their retention period.
  • Annual Shredding Needs: For organizations that don’t schedule regular shredding but require annual document destruction.
  • Moving or Spring Cleaning: When families or businesses are relocating or conducting major cleanouts.

Typical Timing for Purge Shredding

Purge shredding often happens annually, but it can be scheduled whenever there is a large accumulation of documents to be shredded.

If you find that you regularly generate documents with sensitive information, pre-scheduled shredding services might be more cost-effective in the long run. Pre-scheduling ensures your shredding is done timely and helps maintain compliance with data protection regulations.

Setting Up a Purge Shredding Service

Due to the volume of documents involved, purge shredding projects are typically too large for standard home or office shredders. Professional shredding services equipped with industrial-strength shredders provide a more efficient and secure solution. Here are your options:

  • Mobile Shredding Services: Shredding trucks come to your location, and you can watch your documents being shredded on-site.
  • Off-Site Shredding Services: Your documents are securely transported to a shredding facility for destruction.
  • Drop-Off Shredding Services: For smaller purges, you can take your documents to a drop-off location. This option costs about $1 per pound, making it affordable for smaller quantities.
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Benefits of Professional Purge Shredding

  • Time-Saving: Professional services handle large volumes quickly and efficiently, saving you hours of manual shredding.
  • Security: Ensure compliance with data protection regulations through secure shredding processes.
  • Convenience: Various service options (mobile, off-site, drop-off) cater to different needs and volumes.

Purge shredding services are the perfect solution for one-time, high-volume document destruction, providing both security and efficiency.

How Do I Find a Secure Shredder Near Me?

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When you put your private documents in someone else’s care, you need to be able to trust them. Shred Nations partners with the most secure shredding companies across the country.

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