The Importance of Secure Shredding Containers

Shredding Container

Identity theft can happen anywhere. Especially in an office where documents are passed around all day, every day securely storing documents before they can be successfully destroyed is as important as ever.

Many individuals and companies are faced with tough questions when it comes to how they are securing anything with personal information on it.

Some documents need to be discarded immediately because they feature personally identifiable information that can fall into the wrong hands. While some companies have document shredders at the ready, other companies simply have too many documents to have a regular office shredder take care of the documents.

When Do I Receive or Need a Shredding Container?

When companies have too many documents to shred in house, they use shredding bins to store the documents until a shredding company can either come out to the company and provide mobile shredding services or pick the documents up for an off site shredding service. Secure shredding bins provide a completely secure, locked place for documents to be stored.


Types of Shredding Containers

There are typically 4 different types of shredding containers:

  1. 95 Gallon Shredding Bin – this is a 95 gallon bin that looks like a trash can for companies that have a high volume of shredding on a regular basis.
    • Dimensions: 46″H x 34″D x 26.5″W
    • Capacity: Holds up to 350 lbs.
    • Tamper-proof locking mechanism
    • Reinforced lid
    • Made from high-density polyethylene plastic
    • Paper insert slot
    • Wheels make this unit easy to move around the office
  2. 64 Gallon Shredding Bin – One step down from the 95 gallon. This shredding bin is also for a company or organization with a high volume of shredding.
    • Dimensions: 42.25″H x 29.25″D x 22.5″W
    • Capacity: Holds up to 225 lbs.
    • Tamper-proof locking mechanism
    • Reinforced lid
    • Made from high-density polyethylene plastic
    • Paper insert slot
    • Wheels make this unit easy to move around the office
  3. Executive Console – Typically reserved for a single office or a pod of offices, this shredding bin is typically used by multiple employees in the same area of an office.
    • Dimensions: 35″H x 18″D x 18″W
    • Capacity: Holds up to 100 lbs.
    • Tamper-evident lockable door
    • PVC edging for more durable edges
    • Convenient, front-loading drop slot leaves the entire top surface available for storage or other needs
    • Large hinge provides superior durability and strength to the console door
  4. Personal Shredding Container – This shredding bin is typically used in a single office for a single person. Many companies will have more than one of these.
    • Dimensions: 13.25″H x 16.75″D x 12″W
    • Capacity: Holds up to 35 lbs.
    • Personal Shredding Container
    • Fits perfectly under most desks and is an ideal solution for offices with limited space

What Documents Should I Put in My Locked Shredding Container?

Now that we have our shredding bins, what types of documents should you place in the bins? Every day, companies have documents that come to the end of their usable life. We always recommend that they have a document retention schedule so that all documents that need to be saved are properly stored. Those documents include:

  • Personnel files
  • Tax Documents
  • Insurance Documents
  • Investment Documents
  • Anything with any personally identifiable information

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At the end of the day, shredding bins help protect sensitive information for companies and individuals until final destruction can be completed. Shred Nations provides mobile shredding and off site shredding services to residential and commercial customers nationwide.

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