The History of Shredders

Since paper was invented in 105 A.D. there has been a need to be able to destroy that paper when necessary.  Whether it be a cheesy love letter that someone didn’t want anyone else to see, or a drawing that didn’t quite go as planned, people have been tearing paper up since it has been around.  Over the years though, more and more documents were created that actually had a needFGQVJP5V0IERXTRS1M.MEDIUM to be destroyed as opposed to someone just not wanting them around anymore.  The first paper shredder was invented in 1909 to help make sure that people could properly dispose of their paperwork without having to sit around and rip them up page by page.

Ever since the first paper shredder was invented, the need has grown exponentially.  Millions of pounds of paperwork are shredded each year from all over the world.  Can you imagine shredding that much paper by hand?  It would take years to clean out office records.  The paper shredder has been around for over one hundred years now, and it will only grow over the years until becoming paperless is the only option left.  But even then, there will always be paper.  And wherever there is paper, there is going to be a need to destroy it efficiently.