Shredding After Scanning: Going Digital Securely

Scan, Shred, Secure Infographic

Scanning your documents and going digital can save a ton of space—but only if you get rid of the old documents once they’ve digitized.

Learn about the benefits of using a professional service that can both scan and shred your documents to keep your home or office organized and secure.

Video Transcript

Why Shred What You Scan?

Shredding and scanning sit at the crossroads between improving security and boosting efficiency.

When used together though, scanning and shredding don’t force choosing one or the other—instead you can have both.

By taking newly scanned documents and running the old paper copies through a shredder immediately after, going paperless becomes a much safe process.

Reasons to Shred and Scan

There are many reasons to shred after scanning, but some stand out as the top few.

Besides simply saving the space previously used to store paper, shredding after scanning also helps with security, efficiency, and sustainability.

Top Reasons to Shred After Scanning

#1 No Chance for Identity Theft and Data Breaches

The main benefit of combining the two, shredding after scanning is the safest way to dispose of any unneeded document. By shredding the old copy to pieces the risk of theft is far lower, and once recycled the information is gone completely.

Duplicate Copies Created by Scanning Documnets#2 No Duplicate Copies

When multiple copies of the same document are circulating it can lead to different revisions and incorrect information being used. By shredding the original copy after it’s scanned however, you can ensure everyone stays on the same page.

#3 Secure Recycling Included

Most recycling facilities don’t accept paper shreds, meaning that to scan sustainably you’ll need to risk throwing papers out the whole. When scanning is combined with shredding services however, many are able to partner with facilities to specifically recycle shreds—giving you the best of both worlds.

Scan and Shred Walkthrough

    1. First industrial scanners are used to digitize files either onsite or at an offsite facility
    2. After a partner shredder collects and shreds old paper copies with industrial cross-cut shredders
    3. Once shredded paper bits are taken to a partner recycling facility to be pulped, washed, and reused
    4. Last you receive a formal certificate of destruction detailing chain of custody throughout the process

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