Staring at another dead shredder? You aren’t alone. Most shredders are poorly engineered and built cheaply with plastic gears. As a result they can’t handle the load and won’t last. You are left with feeding the shredder a couple of sheets at a time and then taking a coffee break every time it overheats. It makes shredding a very time consuming job.

Then there is the problem of the noise. Shredders are loud and if you are in an office are a quick route to annoying your neighbors and clients.

But the biggest problem is the lack of security. Employees will save the time and just dump the sensitive information into the trash. The only way to assure the job is done correctly is to carefully supervise the work.

Ready for a better solution

We have industrial shredders that can shred your biggest jobs without overheating. And even if they become a broken shredder the our problem is our; not yours. Let us help make your shredding job fast and easy. Best of all we do the work for less than replacing your shredder.