Will Mobile Shredding Come to Me?

mobile shreddingOne of the main reasons people choose a mobile shredding service is because of the convenience. Mobile shredding gets its name because it is referring to the mobile shred truck that is sent to your location and shreds your documents on site. Many businesses prefer this method because they are able to see their documents shredded right in front of them without leaving the office. Here are four advantages of mobile shredding services.

1. You can watch them shred your documents

  • Mobile shredding is great for when you have sensitive documents or are concerned with how long your personal information is retained before it’s shredded.  Your documents are secured in locked containers and then shredded right there while you watch.  Our shredding professionals never come into physical contact with your documents at any time.

2. You can easily schedule regular shredding jobs

  • Having a regularly scheduled shredding management plan will help prevent legal liability and data breaches in your company.  One-time purges work well when you have a large volume of documents, but a mobile shredding service can provide ongoing pickups to prevent the buildup of papers to be shredded, and minimize the chance of a low-tech hack.

3. You have negotiable instruments

  • If you have documents or items that could be exchanged for cash, having them shredded while you watch ensures are properly destroyed.  Negotiable instruments include coupons, unused checks, certificates, and more.

4. You don’t have to leave

  • The biggest advantage of mobile shredding is it provides an option to shred your documents that doesn’t take time out of your day.  Mobile shredding services will pick up and shred all your documents for you- all you have to do is schedule a time to have them take care of it for you.  Not only is it secure, it eliminates the hassle and takes multiple steps out of shredding your documents.

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