Preparing Your Documents for Drop Off Shredding

The first step to preparing your documents for drop off shredding is to have a document management schedule. This will clearly define what documents are important, what needs to be destroyed, and outline any record retention schedules. Here are some tips that might help you before you gather all your documents while preparing for drop off shredding:

Tip #1preparing for drop off shredding

Our shredders can handle staples, paper clips, and binding. After collecting your to-be shredded documents you can drop them in the shredding containers as–is, without worrying about removing staples or bindings. This makes the gathering process a little more simple.

Tip #2

You can bring your documents in anyway you would like. Once you arrive at the drop-off location you will place the documents in a secure container where they will stay locked until the documents are destroyed. This means you can travel with your documents in the way that is easiest for you and once you leave know that your documents are completely secure in a locked container.

Tip #3

There are some items that can’t be mixed in with items intended to be shredded. You will need to ask the drop off location if they accept newspapers, magazines, and phone books. If you are interested in recycling medical records or electronic media destruction there are other methods of shredding you may want to consider. Find out what other shredding services there are here.


Do you have questions on how to prepare your documents for drop off shredding or what will be accepted? We can help! Our staff of experts can help you with any of your drop off shredding questions.  Fill out the form on the right, or give us a call at (800) 747-3365, for any pricing or prepping questions you may have.