Advantages of Drop Off Shredding

Drop off shreddingAdvantages of Drop Off Shredding is a very convenient option for people or businesses that do not have a lot of paper to be shredded. A small amount of shredding would be considered a box or two of paperwork.  The cost of drop-off shredding is usually a dollar per pound for all of the to-be shredded documents.

After finding a secure drop-off shredding location, all of the documents that need to be shredded are put into a locked bin. The bin remains locked until a contractor comes to the secure location and shreds all of the contents.  This is very time efficient when considering a home shredder can only shred one or two pieces of paper at a time.  It can also be expensive to invest in a home shredder if you don’t already have one.

With drop-off shredding you usually do not get to see everything destroyed in front of you. However, your documents stay locked in the bin until a contractor comes out and shreds all of the documents inside. Once the documents have been destroyed, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction for your records, signifying all your documents were safely and securely destroyed.

Four Main Advantages of Drop Off Shredding:

  • Leave your documents at a secure location and let the professionals take care of the rest
  • Drop-off shredding is cost effective and time efficient
  • Always receive a Certificate of Destruction after documents have been shredded
  • 99% of drop off locations will make sure that they work with contractors who recycle

For those who have a larger need than a few pounds of document shredding, find out more about our mobile services, and business shredding options.

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