Home Shredder vs Drop Off Shredding

Everyone has documents that they need to destroy before they throw away.  Some people will have Paper shredder machine, on office interior backgroundmore than others, but everyone receives mail or has paperwork that is just too sensitive to trash without shredding first.  There are plenty of options out there, but depending on what your shredding project looks like, you might want to consider your options before you make the decision.  Two of the most efficient ways that you can shred your personal documents are to either shred them at home, with a home shredder, or to take them to a drop off location in your area.  What are the differences between the two though?

  • Home Shredding – When you choose to use a home shredder you are taking your shredding into your own hands.  Not only do you get to see everything destroyed yourself, but you get to make sure that everything gets destroyed in the convenience of your own home.  This is a wonderful option, but it also means that you have to do all of the work.  If you only have a few documents every now and then, this is a perfect option.  Since you are only able to put one or two pieces of paper into a home shredder at a time, this option is best for smaller projects.  You also want to keep in mind the costs associated with purchasing, and keeping up with a home shredder.
  • Drop Off Shredding – Going to a drop off location is a wonderful option if you have a box or two of paper that you need to have destroyed.  This is more paper than a home shredder can handle, and it also gives you the freedom to just drop everything off and get back to business.  Most places charge right around a dollar per pound, so it is definitely cost effective.  You don’t get to see everything being destroyed though, which some people are concerned about.  The majority of drop off locations will give you a certificate of destruction for your records and also to give you peace of mind though.