Why Drop Off Shredding is More Economical

Destroying your paperwork is essential to making sure you protect yourself from identity theft and any other kind of privacy invasion.  Whether you have a business or you just need to have your personal documents shred, there is always an option for you.  One of the most economical options for you to use is drop off shredding.  This is where you find a location in your area that does paper shredding and you take your documents in to them.  Most places have a locked box that you leave your paperwork in and their companies shredding contractor will come to empty out the box periodically destroying all of the paperwork inside.  Once this is done most locations will send you a certificate of destruction so that you can be sure your documents have been destroyed.Colorful Trash Cans

When it comes to drop off shredding there are many different reasons why it is more economical than using a mobile shredding service when you don’t have boxes of paperwork you need to have shred.  Most drop off shredding locations charge around a dollar per pound whereas a mobile service would have a minimum charge to go out which is typically around one hundred dollars.  If you just have a box of paperwork, you are looking at paying around thirty dollars to get all of your secure documents taken care of.  You also are able to go in any time that your location is open as opposed to having to set up an appointment.

Depending on your shredding needs I would highly recommend using a drop off shredding location, but if you have more of a bulk need, there are plenty of options for that as well!