Student Records Found in Dumpster

A man leaving boxes in a recycling dumpster made a surprising discovery. The dumpster was located behind Bishop Verdot High School in Fort Myers, Florida. In the dumpster were boxes that contained student records. After making the discovery he called WINK news.

The school guessed that the records were put in the dumpster as part of an end of year cleanup. They were investigating why these records did not get put in the shredding pile.

Local news stations love these stories. They are easy to explain, have good visuals, and the person responsible is easy to identify. With one camera and a reporter it writes itself. The most they have to do is call a number on one of the documents to get an interview with someone who is shocked and disappointed that their information was exposed.

It never ceases to amaze me about how many people are going through the dumpster on a regular basis. This was someone using the bin, likely unauthorized, to put in recycling. And while there took a few minutes to see what was in there.

The only solution is to make sure everything going out is already destroyed. It is less expensive to shred every piece of paper than to pay the fine for violating privacy laws. The good news is the shreds can still be recycled. This reduces the volume of material going to the landfill. And they could always save money by using a Fort Myers shredding service.