Secure Shredding Containers

I would like to take a minute to talk about shredding bins. They are another aspect of the shredding industry that are simple once you are familiar with them but seem more difficult to the uninitiated. After today you will know enough to get what you need for your office.

shredding bin

The purpose of every shredding bin is to keep documents secure until they are shredded. Someone who will take information would like to do so without being caught. Documents left in recycle boxes are a great place to look. It can be taken without anyone noticing. This is also why every business should implement a clean desk policy with all confidential information.

It is not simply the fear that they will be stolen that drives most business to lock up confidential information. They Economic Espionage Act requires that information that you would like to protect need to be treated accordingly. If just left sitting in open boxes under desk you are not treating it as a secret so you won’t receive protection by the courts if it taken.

So the one obvious requirement of a shredding bin is a lock. It also explains why documents should be left outside in a dumpster prior to the shred truck coming. Anything left outside is at risk for being taken. The problem with locking a dumpster is it only makes people curious to find what is valuable enough to lock up. The best solution is to keep the documents inside the building.

There are a multitude of options for shredding bins but I will discuss the two most popular. If you have a particular need then you should contact your shredding contractor to discuss what options they have. Most services will provide bins at no charge when you use a monthly service. There may be charges if you shred quarterly or “on-call.” This is simply because they need to recoup the cost of the bin over time and without providing service enough it would add too much to the cost of service.

64 Gallon Bin

This is the workhorse of the shredding industry. It is similar to what you roll out to the curb every week at your home. The difference is these are better built and include a lock. They hold seven boxes of documents or 210 pounds of paper. These are popular in mail rooms or warehouses. They can also be used to collect large volumes for purges.

Executive Console

These are gray bins (generally) that are placed in offices. They are made from wood and have a flat top which makes them a popular place to put a printer or fax machine. They fit in with many offices but can be ordered in different finishes to match your office. You can also order your own bins when you re-do your office to be sure it looks great. This is more common for offices that have frequent client visits like lawyers and stock brokers.

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