Mobile Shredding in Connecticut

William B Meyer has announced that they have purchased a shredding truck and are now offering mobile shredding to their customers. This is in addition to the off site shredding that the company has offered in the past.

So what are the advantages of  mobile shredding over plant shredding? (Yes, I am avoiding the confusing use of on site shredding.) Here are some reasons that you may choose to use a mobile shredding service.

  1. Mobile Shredding in Connecticut is SecureI have negotiable instruments.  This is the single best reason to use mobile shredding. This is anything that can be used as a cash equivalents. Some common examples of this are coupons, un-used checks, stock certificates, and bond certificates. These should be witnessed by a company manager.
  2. I want to see it destroyed. This is perfectly reasonable if you are the type of person who is very security conscious. You may avoid sending anything financial document if it is not be certified mail. It might also be you have suffered through identity theft and will go to any lengths to never have it happen again.
  3. I need it for military documents. Most documents on a military base require the shredding that is witnessed by an officer.
Now that we have seen some good reasons to use mobile shredding, here’s some reasons to think about that might not be so good:
  1. The law requires it. There is not specific law that requires the shredding to be done in a mobile truck. Yes, that includes FACTA and HIPAA. They require reasonable measures but do not spell out a specific method for the destruction.
  2. It is the only secure method. There is always a possibility that a truck will crash on the way to a shredding plant and expose documents; but that is a relatively minor threat for the time the truck is going to be on the road.
  3. It is less expensive. In general it is less expensive to use a plant based shredding service since the equipment is bigger and more efficient.
So there are plenty of reasons to use mobile shredding, but make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Never let a salesperson try to tell you what is and is not required for privacy laws.

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