RFID Locks for Shredding Containers

A European shredding service is moving away from traditional locks to RFID locks. The problem they had was securing all their shredding bins in the field. Over time they had purchased bins from several manufacturers. Each had a different key. They there is the problem with who has access to the keys.

One solution is to not give keys to customers. The problem is that people often drop in papers they need to retrieve from a locked bin. And anyone who has run a shredding business has gotten the call from the person who dropped in their keys or a ring. Since it is hard to charge to send out a truck just to open a bin this is an inconvenience for everyone involved.

Another solution is to give a key to every customer. The problem with this is there are only a couple of keys. Every customer now has the key for every bin. Even worse is that different shredding services all use the same key. So just get one bin and don’t worry about getting a new key if you move to a new one. This isn’t the security the shredding customer expects or deserves.

Another solution is not to put on locks. Since this has no security it is not worth debating as an option.

There is always the option of a differnt lock for every bin. The drivers would need a key ring with hundreds of keys. It would just be too slow to find the right key each time a bin was opened. The answer to this was Lock Nations that use two different key for user and service.

This new locking system looks like a great combination of security and convenience. It is now possible to track when and where the lock was opened. Each employee has a different key and can only open the bins that are assigned to them. When the bins are moved the are electronically reassigned.

It is easy to see RFID tags integrating into online tracking system. The shredding company will know where every bin is placed. I am sure it will even streamline the billing process.

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