Drop Off Shredding Locations

Shred Nations is excited to offer a new service to businesses and homes with limited amounts of paper that needs to be shredded. When we talk about limited amounts we are talking less than a hundred pounds. This is a couple of garbage bags or a couple of boxes filled up.

If you fall into this category you have three different service options dependinng on your security, price, and convience requirments. If you have documents that require you to witness the shredding then mobile shredding is still the only option. Example of documents that require you to witness the destruction would be for negotiable instuments like un-used checks or stock certificates. There is no law that requires the shredding to be done on site; that includes HIPAA and FACTA.

The second option is for people who want conveniece with smaller volumes. The answer for that is Ship ‘n’ Shred. The material is picked up at your location and taken to the shredder. This is great for homes or offices that produce a box or two of shredding a month.

If you don’t mind driving your documents to location that is now available with our drop off shredding locator.  The process is very simple. Take your documents to the location nearest you. It will be weighed and placed in a locked bin. You will be charged based on the weight. Then the shred truck will come to the drop off location and destroy everything that has been collected. It is a lower price with the security your documents require. The one catch is you have to bring them in to us.

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