Shredding Bin Security

After the recent security breaches at University Medical Center in Las Vegas they performed a complete security audit. One problem they found was a lack of accountability for the keys to the shredding bins. The hospital did not know where the keys were and who had access to them.

For most offices, key security is not a major. There is not much public traffic that has access. However, in a busy hospital this isn’t the case. There should be a system in place to account for all the keys.

The problem is that increased security means decreased convenience to the staff. They can no longer use the bins as short term storage. Many people complain about not having access if the accidentally throw something in. The administration usually capitulates and gives out keys like candy.

One solution to help solve this problem was Lock Nations. It uses combination locks to eliminate the keys but still provide controlled access. If someone did need to get into the bin they could look up the combination on a secure website. The access was recorded by security so the lock could be changed out.

Once the locks were installed people become much more careful about what they dump and the need to access them declined rapidly to near nothing.

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