Shredding Service in San Francisco, California
(415) 354-5590

The service provided by Shred Nations is to connect people to a convenient drop-off shredding location in your area to fulfill the requested services. Shred Nations has arranged with the operator of this location to provide a security container for your confidential records. When the container is full it is emptied into, and shredded in, a locally owned and operated mobile shredding truck.

Shred Nations

58 West Portal Ave
San Francisco, CA 94127
(415) 354-5590

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$1.00 per pound.

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Drop off shredding in San Francisco is a great option for those documents that have been piling up in a homeoffice. Shred Nations is proud to provide the residents of San Francisco with drop off shredding service. Our San Francisco drop off shredding partners store your documents in a secure bin or lock box. Once the bin or lock box becomes full of documents that are ready to be shredded, a local shredder comes and destroys the documents either via a mobile shredding truck or at a shredding plant in your local area. Drop off paper shredding is a great option for those that do not want to buy a home shredder and also do not have enough documents to warrant having a shredding truck come to your home and shred the documents. Drop off shredding is fast, reliable and secure way to destroy your sensitive paper documents.

Location Phone:

(415) 350-7447

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