Shred Nations Red Bag Medical WasteThe healthcare industry and all its constituents are much too familiar with the difficulties in managing the disposal of regulated medical waste.

Shred Nations works with locally based and operated red bag disposal services to aid in your efforts of properly and compliantly disposing of all your medical waste.

Employing a medical waste disposal program for your organization is not only vital to keeping everyone in the vicinity safe from contamination, but also important to avoid penalties that can arise from breaking the regulations and requirements set forth by the various governing bodies.


Red Bag Medical Waste

Shred Nations Red Bag DisposalIt is important to keep your regulated medical waste disposal organized with a program that is easy-to-follow for all your employees. This helps to reduce any deviations in proper protocol for your industry, thus keeping everyone in your building safe.

Medical waste that should be thrown out in a red bag include:

      • Blood, blood products, and containers
      • Pathological waste
      • Cytotoxic waste
      • Discarded vaccines
      • Discarded surgical tools and equipment
      • Any items that have blood caked or soaked onto them

Local experts are partnered with Shred Nations to create and execute a fitting disposal program that is specifically designed to meets all your organization’s needs.


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