Black container medical waste disposal Shred NationsProperly handling medical waste keeps your organization clean, safe, and in compliance. Because there are a variety of types of medical waste, different classifications exist to ensure the safest possible disposal of potentially dangerous materials. There are different medical waste containers which suit a specific classification of waste. 

If you produce chemotherapy waste, you will require separate containers for your trace and bulk waste items. While yellow medical waste containers hold trace chemotherapy waste, black containers hold bulk amounts of chemotherapy waste.

What Is Black Container Medical Waste?

When a chemotherapy receptacle does not qualify as RCRA empty (there is more than 3% of the contents left), it qualifies as “bulk” chemotherapy waste and belongs in a black container.

Bulk chemotherapy is classified as hazardous waste, so it’s important that it’s carefully and properly dispose of.

The following materials should be placed in a black medical waste container:

  • Half/partial medication doses
  • Partially used vials, bags, and IV tubing
  • P-listed substances and containers
  • Pathological chemo waste
  • PPE and cleaning materials

Shred Nations can find the right black container disposal service for your location. Based on your specific requirements, we offer several fully-tailored service options.

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