In the late 90’s when Shred Nations was part of Tri-R recycling, we started building a network of shredding contractors across the nation to meet the national demand for shredding. Today we have 250+ shredding contractors across the nation to service every shredding job imaginable.

Many of our contractors rely on Shred Nations to provide them with the latest in the shredding industry. Here, our contractors are able to find the latest in research and education as it pertains to the shredding industry as a whole.

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12 Best Practices to Maximize Your Shredding Profits  

For over 11 years, we have collected information concerning what makes successful network partners outstanding in their markets. Find out what the best of the best revealed.

Building Strong Independent Shredding Companies 

With two industry giants targeting the lucrative accounts across the country, it is vital to develop a plan to develop efficient and effective strategies for acquiring new customers and strengthening existing relationships.

Growing Popularity of Shred Events 

Before committing to a Shred Event, we have some important questions you need to think about to make your event a success.

Marketing Tips for Shredding Companies 

Get information and tips to leverage the internet for your marketing efforts.  We offer tips and tricks to help you start and maintain a successful online marketing presence.

Winning Against Giants 

The big don’t eat the small, the quick eat the slow. Check out this article by Shred Nation’s founder David Powelson, a Wharton Graduate who has over 30 years experience in the shredding industry. Learn more about how independently owned shredding companies can win in an industry dominated by giants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of the questions our contractors and prospective companies ask us about Shred Nations and our service.