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Shred Nations is your solution to finding affordable, secure shredding services quickly and easily. Local professionals team up with Shred Nations to bring you high-quality document shredding services done where and when you need them.

When it comes to paper shredding, Shred Nations has all the answers to your questions. Check out our resources below to learn about some popular and frequently asked topics.


How Much Will It Cost to Shred My Documents?

Learn about the costs associated with paper shredding services and the best options for your project.


How Much Do I Have to Shred?

Use this calculator to determine how many pounds/boxes of paperwork you have.


Why Use An Online Shredding Marketplace to Find a Shredder?

Learn about how Shred Nations works to help you find the best shredder for your unique needs.


Cross Cut Shredders vs Strip Cut Shredders

Discover the differences between cross-cut shredders and strip-cut shredders.


Mobile Shredding Trucks

Get an in-depth look at mobile shredding trucks and how they work.


Renting vs Buying a Paper Shredder

Renting a shredder may make more economical and practical sense. Learn why.


Certificate of Destruction: Fully Explained

Get more information on the certificates of destruction that we offer.


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