TV’s are everywhere in our daily lives. We watch our favorite programs as well as our favorite teams with our TV. It is still the lifeblood of how we get our entertainment. The problem is that TVs are highlytv recycling toxic and can cause environmental damage and make consumers very ill.

Televisions contain the following:

Given the fact that televisions are so dangerous to the environment, many cities and municipalities have banned them being dumped in landfills. This prevents the toxic materials from being leaked out into the environment including the ground water tables.

Instead of dumping televisions in landfills across the US, consumers can engage in TV recycling programs and drop off their old units at TV recycling centers. Television recycling is simple and a cost effective way to ensure that you are keeping our environment from being contaminated. Additionally, when you engage in TV recycling, there are less raw materials that need to be mined to create new TVs. Recycled materials can be used in new products.

Part of the TV recycling process is dismantling the TV and extracting all of the previously mentioned heavy metals, chemicals and glass. The heavy metals and glass that are extracted during television recycling are repurposed and melted down to be used in new products. Plastics can also be melted down and repurposed.

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