social media marketing for shredding companiesSocial Media Marketing can be quite a challenge- it’s difficult to measure, and takes a consistent, ongoing effort to ensure that you get the most out of it.  With more and more potential customers using social media sites and customer reviews to find out more about your company, it’s important to be sure that your social media accounts are set up and maintained.

Want some tips on how to do this?  You’re in the right place! Check out this information on how to set up and maintain your social media presence.

Creating and Using Your Business Facebook Page

Social media has become an intertwined piece of most of our lives- and Facebook is one of the avenues that can be used to tap into where people are looking for and sharing information regularly.  Billions of people (1.6 billion on an average month) use Facebook every month- and 936 million use it every day.(read more)

How to Claim Your Google Location

Learn how to verify your Google location and why it can be beneficial to your business. (read more)