Learn more about online marketing strategy for shredding companiesIt’s a given that businesses use the internet for purchase decisions.  What you may not know is that 94% percent of business buyers do some form of online research.  According to the 2014 State of B2B Procurement study from the Acquity Group about businesses looking for services:

  • 77% use Google Search
  • 84.3% check business websites
  • 34% visit 3rd party websites
  • 41% percent read user reviews

Are you up to speed on all the ways you can reach new potential customers on the internet?  How are your customer reviews?  Is your website easy to use with easy to find contact information?

Online marketing should be a major part of your marketing plan- not only to generate new customer leads, but to help provide credibility and reliability for your shredding business.

Sure, Shred Nations can provide you with quality, sales-ready referrals, but if 8 out of 10 people look up your business on the internet, your internet presence is vital for your ongoing success!

To help make sure you’re on the right track, we have put together some tips to help make sure that your online marketing has the building blocks for success.  We also offer ongoing, comprehensive tips to all of the members of our network.

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I Need Help With Social Media

Let us help you with the basics of how and why you need to use Social Media in your marketing plan.

I Need Help With Ranking on Search Engines

Discover how Google, Bing, and other search engines find your company on the internet.

I Need Help With PPC/Paid Search

Are you considering AdWords/Bing Paid Advertising?  Let us show you the basics to get you started.

I Need Help With Local Search

If you’re not showing up in searches for the city that you operate in, this section is for you.

I Need Help With My Website

Learn more about how to create and manage Social Media, which includes Facebook and Twitter.

Do you have more questions about Marketing?  We can help!

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