We Want You On Blackboard“Our sales-ready referrals are like a perfect pitch in baseball.  There’s no guarantee you’ll hit every one out of the park, but the batting average for all of our network partners as a group is .810.”

That’s right- .810.  That means that our network members combined close 81% of our sales-ready referrals.  Are your other marketing efforts closing business 81% of the time?  We sure hope so!

Shred Nations wants you to become a member of our shredding network to help you grow your business by adding qualified customers to your prospect lists with an immediate need for shredding services.

Use us as a supplement to add new customers, or let us help build your reputation and success in your area.  Either way, we’re hoping that once you try our services, you’ll be satisfied with the results.

We’re a great fit for any marketing plan- think of it this way:

  • We don’t require a long-term commitment- try us out and see if you like it.
  • We verify that every sales-ready referral you get is ready to buy based on criteria you select.
  • You select your service area based on zip code, so you’re not getting something you can’t service.
  • If a referral doesn’t fit with the services you provide, we will replace it- at no cost to you!
  • We give you visibility and access to thousands of customers nationwide every month.

More than anything else, we want to help you win the online marketing game.  We’ll provide you with regular, up-to-date tips and information on how to market your business on the internet, and celebrate your successes with you.

Still not convinced?  Here’s some more detailed information about how our services work:

We want to make sure you understand how our process works- check out these presentations that explain how our process works from the time you sign up to when you make your first payment.

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