Every month, we send our Partners 1,000 to 1,500 sales-ready referrals that they see as “good business”- but these numbers can vary depending on the area you select, and where you’re located throughout the country.

Sales-Ready Referrals

The referrals we send represent one time business or continuing business that has weekly or monthly ongoing service needs.   Our Partners have found that virtually all of this business can be upgraded after they contact the customer and build trust.

Since the initial needs of the customer are usually very clear, and the customer committed to make a decision, we help your business eliminate several of the toughest obstacles to closing each job.  The end result is that many of our Partners have reduced the high costs of a sales force or substituted hourly employees to expedite these leads.

The True Potential

Every month, Shred Nations distributes anywhere from $2,000,000 to $6,000,000 in annual shredding sales. The true potential for your business is even larger if you consider the lifetime value of a customer and the likelihood that a new customer will refer you to others.

Since customers tend to be loyal in the shredding business, a supply of fresh, new customers is extremely valuable.  Every growing business should consider and properly manage growing as efficiently as possible.

Let Shred Nations Bring New Customers Right to your Inbox

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