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December 05, 2007
Worlds Largest Data Breach
Here is data breach so large it must be mentioned.  The HM Revenue & Customs department on the United Kingdom sent disks containing the personal information of 25 million citizens through the mail.  They were lost and an exhaustive search by the secret service did not find them. 

They are most likely lost for the ages with little threat of foul play but 25 million is a staggering number.

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California Security Breach Notification
Starting in January the data breach notification law in California will be amended to include two new categories of information to the definition of "personal information": "medical information" and "health insurance information."

These categories were already in laws passed by states following the data breach notification law in California but were absent in ground breaking California law.
Identity Theft Down Again Last Year
The FTC has released their annual report and for the second year in a row the occurrence of identity theft has declined.  In 2005, 8.3 million Americans over the age of 18 were victims of identity theft. That is a decline of 16 percent from a high of 9.9 million victims in 2003.

Many have said the data is bad but it does appear the growth of identity theft has stopped.  Everyone should continue to stay vigilant with their information to keep the thieves at bay.

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