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Worst CEO of the Year Award

Federal agents arrested the CEO of White Plains, N.Y.- based Compulinx on charges of stealing the identities of his employees in order to secure fraudulent loans, lines of credit and credit cards, according to an eight-count indictment unsealed by the U.S. Attorney's office in White Plains.

Along with the new accounts, Terrence Chalk charged more than $100,000 in unauthorized credit card charges. If convicted, he faces 165 years in prison and $5.5 million in fines, prosecutors say. Damon faces a maximum sentence of 35 years imprisonment and $1.25 million in fines.

At least Terrence is straght forward in his theft from employees and doesn't hide behind some accounting scheme.

How would you use the stolen money from identity theft?

A woman who allegedly stole another woman's identity in order to pay for liposuction surgery was arrested Wednesday after police identified her by a tattoo, according to El Cerrito Police Department Detective Cpl. Donald Horgan.

According to police, Turner allegedly received $5,200 worth of liposuction surgery at the Cosmetic Surgical Center in May using the identity of a San Jose woman. Turner filled out a finance request to pay for the surgery and had several post-surgery appointments before she was discovered.

Iowa DOT has new tool against identity theft

Soon, the Iowa Department of Transportation will have a new line of defense by using the photo on drivers' licenses. The next time people smile for their driver's license photo, the DOT will know if their face matches their name.

The camera will capture an image of your face and turn it into a series of measurements. The computer then matches the measurements to the information already stored with your name.

It'll take just a matter of minutes to make a photo comparison, so the DOT will be able to detect a problem right away and alert investigators before that person can get their license and leave.

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