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November 07, 2007
In Jail for Someone Else's Crime
While losing time and money seem like a terrible price to pay when someone steals your identity.  However, Erik Lea has suffered an even worse fate.

Police responded to a domestic call Eric this fall and when the arrived he was arrested for an outstanding warrent.  The problem was Eric was not the Eric Lea they were looking for.  Apparently, Daniel Garcia-Melero has stolen his identity and used it when he was arrested and jumped bail.

While in jail trying to clear his name he lost his job, his house and likely his truck.

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Fed Issues New Rules to Banks
The Federal Reserve Board issued new rules designed to protect consumers from identity theft.  The rules update two sections of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA)

Covered financial institutions must create 'reasonable policies and procedures' for detecting and preventing identity theft. The procedures must be sensitive enough to allow institutions to develop a list of 'red flag' activities that signal possible identity theft, and respond when a red flag is raised.

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Businesses Fail to Protect Customers
The Kentucky Attorney General dug through the dumpsters of 121 businesses.  In 33 had the personal information of thier customers available to anyone who wanted them.  14 had exposed the names of over 1000 people.

It is amazing that businesses don't even take the basic step of shredding their papers.  Businesses need to do more than buy a shredder and hope someone uses it.

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