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October 24, 2007
Happy Halloween!

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Equifax Third to Offer Freeze
As expected, Equifax announced plans to offer a credit freeze service.  This means all three of the major credit bureaus now offer the service.

Equifax will freeze your credit report for $2 per month.  The bad part is you must subscribe to their credit monitoring service at $4.95 to $12.95 to qualifiy for the service.

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Tangle of Data Breach Notification Laws
A small internet retailer recently discovered a data breach that exposed 250 of their customers.  As a small company of only 30 people with limited means they mailed or emailed everyone affected. 

However this was not deemed enough by their credit card processor who has fined the company.  When they asked why they said the company did not follow state laws.
The problem for the retailer is more than 30 state data-disclosure notification laws are now on the books.  It is impossible for a small company to know the nuances of each.  While many businesses are hoping that cohesive national legislation will unify the differing statutes, no federal legislation seems likely in the near future.

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Who is Reading Your Text Messages?

Mobile phone makers have been adding in software to their new phones that will monitor text messages and voice calls.  It seems that the phone companies asked for this feature so they could monitor their customers and pass it along to advertisers.

Motorola and other have also developed technology to scan messages for information about where customers are and what they are doing.

The phone companies claim that the "service" would be only be used with customers' consent. But I have my reservations.

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