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Schwarzenegger Kills Data Protection Law

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed AB 779. The proposed law required data protection for retailers beyond that required by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Specifically it banned the storage of customer data after a purchase had been authorized.

Schwarzenegger said if enacted the law would have "driven up the costs of compliance, particularly for small businesses." However, he did not kill the idea entirely and invited the bills author to work with industry on a "more balanced legislative approach."

Justice, Bureaucracy Style

Jerry Miller took a tape containing the personal information of 64,467 state employees, 19,388 former employees and 47,245 Ohio taxpayers home. He then left the tape in the car where it was subsequently stolen. This data breach is expected to cost the state of Ohio at least $3 million.

So what is the appropriate punishment? According to the state, one week of future vacation time. That means Jerry is worth $156 million a year in salary. A spokesperson described Jerry as a "stellar longtime employee." That must be an understatement.

Biggest Security Threat? Office Employees.

According to a survey of network security professionals by IT security and control firm Sophos, internal employees pose the greatest risk to data security. The second biggest threat was remote employees.

It is always easier to hack a person that hack a network.

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