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October 15, 2008
Your Imaginary Self

The easiest way to break into online accounts is to use the "forgot password" functions on many sites. You are then asked a series of questions only you should know. However, with blogs and social networking sites much of the this information is now public. For example, if you have your high school listed on your linkedin page then it is easy to find the mascot. Use a geneology site and it is easy to find your mothers maiden name. Think you are careful and don't publish any of this information? Are your friends or family blogging about your birthday party? Your birthday is now easily found.

It is this little bit of detective work that allowed David Kernell to break into Sarah Palin's email.  All he had to do is find out that she met her husband in high school and then find out the name of the school.

The solution is to use fake information. Answers that are not true but you can remember.
Red Flag Rules Will Help

As companies prepare for the red flag rules the FTC issued to help prevent identity theft, Mark Steinhoff of Deloitte has some ideas on how to get your company ready.

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Medical Identity Theft Laws in California
The State Of California is putting some bigger teeth into HIPAA.  Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 541 and Assembly Bill 211 into law.  These two pieces of legislation dramatically increase fines for security and privacy violations with patient health information.

The statutes are likely to put more pressure on businesses in California to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  HIPAA became law in 2003 but Health and Human Services has done very little to enforce the measure designed to protect the privacy of patients.

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