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Veteran's Death Uncovers Identity Theft

The family of Willie Hayes was dealing with his loss last week when they discovered he was also the victim of identity theft. The Vietnam vet was to be buried in the Calverton National Cemetery when they were told that a veteran by that name, social security number and birth date was already buried in the cemetery.

It is unclear who the real identity of the buried man is at this time. After going through a mile of red tape the cemetery agreed to bury Mr. Hayes. At this point there are two plots in the cemetery for a Willie Hayes.

Get a Secure Mailbox - Its the Law.

We have said for years that you need to have a secure mailbox to help prevent identity theft . San Diego County has a new law that now makes it a requirement.

Beginning October 1st, new homes must be built with more-secure mailboxes. Mailboxes that meet the new standard are built with thicker metal, stronger latches and a slot that cannot be pried open. Current homeowners may also want to consider an upgrade to prevent identity theft but it is not required by the law.

Business Bust-outs

While we spend a great deal of time on consumer identity theft, business are also at risk. A common type of theft is called a "business bust-out." The process involves a criminal moving into a building alongside an existing company to get the same street address. The criminal then applies for credit under the business's name. Once the new credit cards are delivered the criminal moves out of the building and uses or sells the cards.

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