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Customer Data Hacked at TD Ameritrade

In a letter to customers, TD Ameritrade disclosed that a database containing customers names, addresses, e-mail addresses and account activity. The following is an excerpt from the letter.

"While Social Security Numbers are stored in this particular database, we have no evidence to establish that they were retrieved or used to commit identity theft. To further protect you, we have hired ID Analytics, which specializes in identity risk, to investigate and monitor potential identity theft. ID Analytics provides identity risk services to many of the country's largest banks and telecommunication companies, as well as government agencies. Following its initial evaluation, ID Analytics found no evidence of identity theft as a result of this data breach. We will retain its services on an ongoing basis to support your TD AMERITRADE accounts and to monitor for evidence of identity theft. We will alert and advise you if any is found. As always, we encourage you to remain alert in guarding your personal information, regularly review your account statements and monitor your credit activity from the major reporting agencies."

Increasing Threat of Insider Attacks

While outside attackers are always trying to breach company networks; it is often insiders that pose the biggest threat. Either by accident or intent they can expose a companies valuable data to theft. A poor security architecture can let low level employees access to high level data

A Carnegie Mellon University report estimated the number of breach incidents caused by insiders is increasing by 3 to 5 percent annually. The figures apply to companies of all sizes. However, because many insider attacks go unreported and many companies do not know they are happening, more definitive figures are not available.

$3 Check Fraud Prevention

Looking for an easy way to prevent check fraud? Use online bill payment. This eliminates the threat of your checks being stolen and washed.

If you insist on writting checks make sure you are using a gel ink pen. Their ink can't be washed out by check forgers. You should also put all outgoing checks in a locked mailbox.

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