Id Theft Alerts

September 18, 2008
If your kids are headed off to college don't forget to warn them about the need to protect their privacy online and off.  College students continue to be easy targets for identity thieves.
Businesses Rethink Retention

With the advent of customer relationship management systems (CRM) and point of sale systems (POS), businesses have gotten into the bad habit of collecting all the data they can and never purging it.  Management has wanted this information to help them make better decisions.  The risk is that data can be stolen or lost.

More and more business are now considering the risks of so much data and looking to purge information that is not needed.  This is a move to a more healthy balance between data risks and requirements.

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FTC Issues Requirements to Towns

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has added municipalities to the organizations covered under their new red flag requirements.  The requirements are designed to identify, detect and respond to red flags, meaning a pattern or practice of specific activity that indicates the possible existence of identity theft.

This is a great step by the FTC as the biggest offenders in data breaches have been governments.

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Arizona Credit Freeze Law
Beginning on September 1st, Arizona is the latest state to add the ability for customers to add a credit freeze.  Under the law, residents can pay $5 to place, remove or temporarily lift a credit freeze.

Arizona has joined 46 states and the District of Columbia in enacting a credit freeze law. 

Washington continues to be handcuffed by lobbyist from the credit industry (yes, the same industry that is melting before our eyes) at the national level.
A Safe Browser?
Google Chrome Google has introduced their new browser, Chrome.  One feature they tout is the ability to browse anonymously.  Yes, the sites you visit can't track you.  The problem is Google is tracking every page you load.

It is hard not to watch the growth of Google and their control of so much personal information and not be scared.
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